Claims Procedures

Course Description

Claims, are at best, an unwelcoming interruption to the daily workflow. Unfortunately they are a fact of life and part of the business of Freight Forwarding and ancillary services. In most cases the Forwarders may not have caused the problem but may be responsible due to the 'Conditions of Contract' and other factors.

In addition Freight Forwarders customers will closely observe the way that Claims Handling is dealt with and may judge the total service potential of the Forwarder on their performance in this area. The subject is also covered within our Import Air and Sea basic procedures modules, however is covered in greater detail here. It is recommend for all operational personnel and management. This course is presented with the assistance of "Thomas Miller & Co Australasia" (representing the 'TT Club' Australia)- who provide expert legal & insurance advice in the claims process. Participants will be issued with a certification of Participation.

  • Step by Step Claims Handling Procedures
  • The Forwarders Viewpoint
  • Legal Aspects
  • Insurance Matters
  • Letter templates for use by Forwarders
  • Case Studies explored in an interactive and dynamic forum


Hours [1pm - 5pm]


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