How to become an International Freight Forwarder

The TLI50119 Diploma of International Freight Forwarding is a qualification for those engaged in advanced international freight forwarding job roles within the Transport and Logistics Industry.

As Australia is an island nation with vast geographic dispersion, we rely heavily on the movement of freight via sea, air, road and rail.

An International Freight Forwarder is an architect of transport, responsible for the planning and organisation of the movement of freight from the seller to the buyer - this may be sea or air from Vietnam to Brisbane, or Sydney to New York, or domestically by road, rail or sea from Melbourne to Perth. 

A freight forwarder will be consulted on many topics related to global transport by their customer and as such a forwarder must, beside possessing a knowledge of their daily services to be performed, also have a substantial knowledge of global trade, export and import regulations, bank instruments, contracts, currency movements, political developments, weather and the like.

Core responsibilities of an International Freight Forwarder may include:

  • Planning and organising the international forwarding of freight by air, sea, road and rail transport
  • Application of knowledge of freight forwarding documentation and permits
  • Reviewing and managing contracts, insurance risk and liability in an international freight forwarding context
  • Manage international special freight transport services including dangerous goods and special cargo

International Freight Forwarding job roles may include:

  • Import/Export Operations/Cartage Coordinator
  • Freight Forwarding Pricing Coordinator
  • Import/Export Officer
  • Sea freight/Air freight Operator
  • Freight Forwarding Operations Manager

The Diploma of International Freight Forwarding delivered by IFCBAA, is recognised by FIATA (the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations) as the pre-requisite for the awarding of the prestigious FIATA Diploma in Freight Forwarding. Students who complete the Diploma of International Freight Forwarding with IFCBAA are automatically eligible to receive the globally recognised FIATA Diploma in Freight Forwarding, the gold standard worldwide